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Transforming Challenges into Milestones. 

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Welcome To Autumn ABA


Our mission is to maximize life's brightest moments supporting meaningful behavior change in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We empower individuals with autism, actualizing their potential through meaningful behavior change. Join us on this transformative journey to create a supportive environment where bright moments are celebrated, and individuals can thrive. Together, we unlock extraordinary abilities and foster lasting positive change.

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ABA care

Shaping Change Together

Child Care



We believe that parents and caregivers are the most important members of the team! We will create and provide you with a family-specific caregiver training program. We empower caregivers to feel confident and skilled as their child's #1 support!

center based therapy for child

Center Based Therapy

 We offer comprehensive behavioral services in a variety of peer settings to maximize learning and foster generalization of skills to natural learning settings. We provide services in daycare centers, EI clinics, school programs, and community settings.

home based therapy

Home Based Therapy

We will provide a trained and engaging clinician to work with your child at home! Our therapists love working with children and look forward to creating positive change and joyful experiences. 

comprehensive assessment

Comprehensive Assessment

We conduct comprehensive evaluations to
help you and your team make informed decisions when creating an individualized treatment
plan. In addition to direct and indirect testing, we utilize parent and caregiver reporting as an
essential component of the assessment process. A thorough assessment is at the foundation of
an effective therapy program.

Holding Your Hand Every Step Of The Way

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We service children with Autism Spectrum Disorders who are 18 months to 12 years of age. We specialize in working with individuals who have secondary diagnoses such as Anxiety and ADHD. 


As part of our whole-child
approach to learning, we target core deficits across all domains of development.


Autumn ABA offers on site and telehealth therapy options. We service at home, in daycare settings, clinics, schools, and community settings.


We want therapy to take place at the time most conducive for your child's progress. We provide therapy services during school and after-school hours.

How It Works
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What is ABA?

Receiving a diagnosis of autism for a child can leave one feeling incredibly
overwhelmed. We’re here to support you and your child. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a
type of therapy that has been proven highly effective in supporting individuals with autism and
related developmental delays. ABA Therapy will target core deficits of autism so that
communication and socialization skills increase while maladaptive behaviors decrease. ABA is a
rich and diverse science allowing for its strategies to be implemented in both natural and
contrived settings. ABA Therapy sessions can be both highly structured, as well as “incidental” –
a form of ABA Therapy in which technicians help their client learn within the natural context of
their day such as through play and group activities. Regardless of the learning environment and
level of structure, the focus for your therapy team will consistently be on the rapport between
clinician and client, the treatment plan goals, and the careful analysis of client behaviors and
performance levels. Autumn ABA brings you a team of directors, BCBA’s, and technicians who
feel passionately about child development, quality therapy, and making a difference!

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The Autumn Toolbox

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We’re all about practical support. Check us out on Facebook and
Instagram for helpful tips and tricks on supporting your child’s development. Help
yourself to user-friendly strategies that will have immediate impact!

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What’s Important to Us at Autumn ABA?

Providing top quality care to our clients and their families is what fuels our work. Your child’s
progress is our complete focus. Positivity and professionalism is paramount. Come, be a part of the Autumn Experience!

Hear it from experts.
Hear it from our families.

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Autumn ABA is not just a therapy provider. It’s a family. They care and they really want to see my child grow!

Mabeline’s mom, Monmouth County

It's You, It's Your Child, It's Your Team!

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We accept most insurance plans in New Jersey State. Call today for a free consultation!

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