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From Surviving...

To Thriving!

Our Programs

Autumn ABA is dedicated to serving individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. At the foundation of every treatment plan is our signature warmth, professionalism, and stamp of quality care. We believe in the uniqueness of each client, and the importance of building on strengths and building up skill weaknesses to foster confidence and skill development. We have over 30 years of combined clinical experience in the field of ABA Therapy. Our team is here to hold your hand on this journey toward positive change!

The Treehouse:
Making Magic Together!

Autumn ABA offers our clients the opportunity to thrive in our very own center-based program, rooted in pure happiness and dedicated to quality care. Happy, thriving children is our mission!

Center Based Therapy

Our clinicians will support your child in his/her daycare or group setting. We work hard to find the balance between active intervention and training for independence. We respect the
environments we step into and value collaboration with faculty members, related therapists, and

outside professionals. Your child is our priority. Always.

Home Based Therapy

Home is where the heart is! We embrace the opportunity to work with your child in the setting he/she knows best. Our dedicated and playful clinicians will be there to support steps toward change and make it fun too!

Caregiver Support

Your designated and expert BCBA will meet with you at your convenience to address concerns and support you on this transformative journey towards meaningful change. We invite all our parents to private training sessions, group training sessions, and company events. We listen. We guide. We Care.

Leaves Falling
Leaves Falling
Leaves Falling

Building On Strengths. Building Up Skills.

The Process

Intake Evaluation   ➼   Behavioral Assessment    ➼   Direct Services   ➼   Ongoing Caregiver Support   ➼  Titration of Therapy Services   ➼   Discharge

Intake Evaluation

We will gather information, review  insurance benefits, and answer all your questions!

Caregiver Support

A BCBA will meet with you regularly to address concerns and support you on this amazing journey towards meaningful change.


We will schedule and conduct a behavioral assessment to identify our goals and objectives.


We will  foster skill generalization and fade back the intensity and frequency of services to promote independence.

Direct Services

Under the professional guidance of a BCBA, a trained and playful ABA therapist (RBT) will work to connect with your child and facilitate progress.


We will share the joy of this milestone as your child achieves everlasting behavior change! 


Call us for further details and program options!


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